The Power of the Past: 150 Years of Archaeology in Spain

11 October 2017-1 April 2018

Organised by: Acción Cultural Española y Museo Arqueológico NacionalSalto de línea

This exhibition analyses the birth of Spanish archaeology, coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the founding of the National Archaeological Museum and the network of provincial museums in Spain, and reviews the scientific development of this discipline. With the collaboration of 68 museums throughout Spain, the show offers a sweeping vision of our rich archaeological heritage.

José Latova. Forty Years of Spanish Archaeological Photography

27 April - 27 August 2017

Organised by: Museo Arqueológico Nacional y Museo Arqueológico Regional de Madrid

As the title indicates, this exhibition is a retrospective of 40 years of Spanish archaeology in pictures, through photographs taken since 1975 by José Latova Fernández-Luna, a name associated with Spain’s most important archaeological projects and cutting-edge research.

Charles III. The External Image and Scientific Impact of an Enlightened Reign

16 December 2016 - 26 Mars 2017

Organised by: Acción Cultural Española y Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Curator: Miguel Luque Talaván

The MAN presents a new temporary exhibition which re-examines Charles III, the central figure in one of the great reigns of Spanish history. As the 300th anniversary of his birth is commemorated, this exhibition contributes to a reassessment of fundamental aspects of his rule: Spain’s foreign policy, and the contributions of Spanish science and culture; and the role of the Crown in fostering knowledge.