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Archaeology of the death

Arqueología de la muerte

The temathic topics brings us over to different ways of understanding the transit to Further away in the Iberian Peninsula and in some of the most important civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean, like the Egyptian and the Greek.

The archeology of death examines the different types of burial and the trousseaus associated with them in order to understand the social position of the deceased within the society to which he belonged and consequently deduce the main features of the social organization of its cultural group and the ideology that was sustaining it. The funeral rite also reflects the collective religious beliefs of the group to which the deceased belonged.

The first burials in the collective neolithic societies, the first individual graves in the bronze age, the spectacular aristocratic tombs of Iberian peoples, Roman and medieval sarcophagus, the Egyptian funeral cameras or the Greek necropolis give us to know one of the cultural aspects common to all human societies: the funeral rite.