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Fish baptismal font (Córdoba)

Pila bautismal de los peces Pulse para ampliar Pila bautismal de los peces

Comarca de la Campiña Baja (Córdoba). Reino hispanovisigodo (Sala 23)

Recent decades have seen the advent of restoration criteria focused firmly on respect for the original object, thorough documentation and minimum intervention, as well as the development of preventive conservation.

This approach is supported by new technologies that make it possible to conduct preliminary studies, map losses and create 3D reconstructions without touching the piece.

The Visigothic Fish font has recently been restored by an intern at the Escuela Superior de Conservación y Restauración de Bienes Culturales. The process revealed evidence of fragments that had been attached to the object before its acquisition in 1959 and the reintegration of a missing corner soon after that at the museum.

The latest intervention has preserved the historic reconstruction, removing only the remains that covered part of the original piece and improving the aesthetic finish. The structure was also stabilised and the surface was cleaned.