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Almanzor marble font (Córdoba)

Pila de Almanzor Pulse para ampliar Pila de Almanzor

Madinat al-Zahra (Córdoba). Califato omeya de Córdoba (Sala 23)

Cultural heritage is a living and constantly evolving entity. Digital technologies offer new tools for restoration and conservation, as well as the possibility of framing cultural assets in a new language more in tune with modern society.

The virtual reconstruction of one of the sides of the Almanzor font, which has been reintegrated as a plain, undecorated surface, recreates a model based on the dimensions, proportions and research of similar pieces.

Digital images and 3D models allow restorers to formulate different hypotheses about the original appearance of objects and, in light of that knowledge, propose different possible reconstructions. This approach also eliminates the risks of incompatibility and irreversibility associated with a direct intervention.