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Ivory crucifix of D. Fernando and Dña. Sancha (León)

Crucifijo D. Fernando y Dña. Sancha Pulse para ampliar Crucifijo D. Fernando y Dña. Sancha

Colegiata de San Isidoro, León. Románico (Sala 27, Vitrina 3)

This object was treated at the Instituto Central de Restauración in 1964 and during the process it came to light that it had been broken and repaired on a previous occasion. The fragments had been joined with wooden tenons inserted into drilled holes that were then filled with molten lead and glue. The most affected area was covered with a piece of copper.

As a result of this intervention, the part that could be moved to conceal or reveal a reliquary inside the figure of Christ had been blocked, eliminating its original function.

The latest restoration mainly consisted in “undoing” the earlier interventions that had most impacted the piece. This meant dismantling and removing the wooden tenons that prevented the figure’s movement and replacing them with plastic pieces. All the molten metal was also removed and the orifices and missing parts were filled with epoxy resin to improve the appearance of the piece.