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Carved glass jug (Aliseda, Cáceres)

Jarra de Aliseda Pulse para ampliar Jarra de Aliseda / Fuente con crismón de Santa Pola

Aliseda (Cáceres). Fenicios y Tartesos (Sala 10, Vitrina 11)

The Tartessian hoard found in Aliseda in 1920 included fragments of this little glass jug. Soon after, the pieces were reassembled with organic glue and the missing areas were rebuilt with plaster.

In the mid-20th century the museum laboratory started using synthetic resins as an habitual restoration material. This led to the replacement of the former reintegration with polyester resin and the restorers also reconstructed the rim and handle, drawing inspiration from similar objects.

With the passage of time this type of resin tends to change colour, altering the aesthetic appearance of the pieces. However, these resins do not affect the conservation and remain stable, and restorers are therefore hesitant about removing and replacing them with more discreet ones, particularly since the intervention would be relatively aggressive.

We can see a similar example in the Santa Pola serving dish in Display Case 7 in Room 23.