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Bronze bull head (Costitx, Mallorca)

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Costitx (Mallorca). Cultura talayótica (Sala 15)

A remarkable aspect of this piece is the reintegration of the snout to fill a cavity, possibly an air bubble that appeared when the bronze was poured. This type of manufacturing defect is common in metal casts. It is possible to discern the line around the perimeter of the cavity and the different colours of the patinas that the object acquired in the tomb.

The analyses conducted have confirmed that both alloys have the same composition and therefore date from the same period, although they have reacted differently to environmental factors.

Since it was found in the late 19th century, the object has undergone several interventions, nearly always to remove corrosion and protect it from new attacks. Oils and pigment-rich waxes were also applied in the past in an attempt to create a more even appearance.

Restorers have recently removed the rusty, hardened and potentially dangerous remains of these products to reveal the natural patina of the object, now protected with an easily reversible clear acrylic resin.