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Complete route around 33 museum pieces to be followed with the multimedia guide or the "MAN National Archaeological Museum" app". +Info Nueva ventana

Length: 96'

All objects conserved and exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum (MAN) are important and valuable, as they are part of our cultural heritage. However, some of them are significant for multiple reasons: their special beauty, their unique artistic characteristics, the technical perfection they were made with, or their unique meaning for the people who created them. Finally, they reveal some fundamental aspect of the social group that gave them life

This new route aims to bring you closer to a selection of these emblematic pieces of MAN, to its most relevant treasures you cannot miss, even if you have little time to visit the Museum. Among the 20 essential pieces selected for this tour, there are valuable objects. Their design, their manufacturing technique or their meaning and symbolic or practical utility have marked a milestone in the history of humanity, in general, or in that of our country, in particular. They belong to different cultures developed in the Iberian Peninsula from Prehistory to the Modern Age and they belong to some of the most important civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean, such as ancient Egypt and classical Greece. The study of these essential objects allows us to know the valuable contributions of the cultures that preceded us and how much they contribute to our own life and our own culture.

Here we present our particular selection of treasures. They have been chosen after great efforts, since there were many and all of them were candidates with great value. We recommended you do not fail to see any of them and we hope you enjoy contemplating them. Also, we encourage you, by visiting the Museum in person or virtually, to make your own selection of the objects you consider essential at MAN, taking into account your interests, tastes and preferences.