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Women in the Museum


This itinerary aims to bring us closer to the life of women in some societies that inhabited the Iberian Peninsula from Prehistory to the Modern Age and in two of the main civilizations of the Mediterranean, ancient Egypt and classical Greece, through the exhibition rooms of the National Archaeological Museum.

However, it is very difficult to research the human history, complex and difficult to know, how much more the history of women. Many factors influence this ignorance because the objects and other archaeological remains that contribute so much to the knowledge of cultures, do not provide, by themselves, data on the behavior of men and women, the relations between the sexes or the differentiation of tasks according to their gender, if it actually existed.

This selection of pieces about women´s history may clearly be incomplete and full of gaps, however, it covers a vision of it in a wide ranging of cultures and times and it returns us to the foreground the life of women, the greats forgotten of history.

We hope this itinerary will be useful to you in expanding your knowledge of the women difficult path they have traveled during the long history of humanity. We also hope that it will enable you to assess its importance.