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From Nishapur to Samarkand: Archaeology and Art of Medieval Persia

19 January - 18 April 2021

Temporary exhibitions

Throughout its more than 150 years of history, the MAN has received Islamic artefacts from the Near and Middle East whose timeline spans the entire Middle Ages and part of the early modern era, from the seventh to the 18th century. Works from medieval Persia—with pottery and metal pieces being the best represented—occupy a prominent place among these objects, in terms of both quantity and quality.

The items on display begin with the Samanid period (9th–10th century) and the productions of Nishapur, featuring a selection of pieces never publicly exhibited before. The important period from the Seleucid to the Ilkhanid dynasties (11th–14th century) is illustrated by diverse metal and pottery items which reveal the influence of both Fatimid Egypt and the China of the Song and Yuan dynasties. The final centuries of medieval Persia, marked by the Timurid period (14th–15th centuries), are represented by a remarkable piece from Samarkand.

Medieval Antiquities Department

De Nishapur a Samarcanda: arqueología y arte de la Persia medieval Pulse para ampliar