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Fake! A History of Deception, Art and Greed

20 April - 18 July 2021

Temporary exhibitions

Vitrina CERO

SHOWCASE ZERO, inaugurated in October 2017, is a space dedicated to displaying unique pieces and themes that complement and enrich the MAN’s permanent exhibition. These may be new acquisitions, commemorative exhibits, guest works or any other theme related to the museum’s collections and contents.

The contents of this brand-new space are modified quarterly, offering all our visitors a chance to see something new every time

Counterfeiters, the ultimate deceivers, appeared almost as soon as coins did, around the year 600 BC. Punishable by the harshest sentences, this criminal activity was often motivated by pressing financial need or pure greed, but also by a desire to cheat the art market or even invent history that never happened.

Instruments of war, indicators and instigators of crises, evidence of competitive trade, or tokens of social status and the interests of scholars and aristocrats, all these fake coins are now cultural assets which, if properly studied, can expand our knowledge of life in the past.

Department of Numismatics and Medals

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