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One Piece, Two Lives: Uses and Reuses in Medieval Spain

20 July- 17 October 2021

Temporary exhibitions

Vitrina CERO

SHOWCASE ZERO, inaugurated in October 2017, is a space dedicated to displaying unique pieces and themes that complement and enrich the MAN’s permanent exhibition. These may be new acquisitions, commemorative exhibits, guest works or any other theme related to the museum’s collections and contents.

The contents of this brand-new space are modified quarterly, offering all our visitors a chance to see something new every time

Like human beings, objects are the sum of their various life experiences. At times, they were reused as tribute, gifts or war booty, driven by the steady traffic of goods, especially between the Hispano-Islamic world and the Christian kingdoms. In other cases, reuse was motivated by their aesthetic or protective value. The phenomenon of giving new uses and meanings to objects was particularly intense during the Spanish Middle Ages, thanks to the permeability of the various cultures on the Iberian Peninsula. The pieces displayed here are a testament to this practice.

Medieval Antiquities Department

Una pieza, dos vidas: usos y reutilizaciones en el Medievo hispano Pulse para ampliar