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Egyptian Funerary Amulets: Protection and Magic in the Afterlife

19 October-16 January 2022

Temporary exhibitions

Vitrina CERO

SHOWCASE ZERO, inaugurated in October 2017, is a space dedicated to displaying unique pieces and themes that complement and enrich the MAN’s permanent exhibition. These may be new acquisitions, commemorative exhibits, guest works or any other theme related to the museum’s collections and contents.

The contents of this brand-new space are modified quarterly, offering all our visitors a chance to see something new every time

In ancient Egypt, funerary amulets were wrapped inside the bandages or inserted in the bead-nets that covered the mummified corpse, believing that their magical properties would protect, preserve and regenerate the body.

These amulets adopted a wide variety of forms, particularly divine figures, sacred animals, scarabs, plants, royal attributes, body parts or hieroglyphs representing abstract concepts, and were made of different materials whose symbolic value was dictated by their colour: faience (youth), lapis lazuli (rebirth), carnelian and red jasper (blood) and gold (immutability).

Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities Department

Amuletos funerarios egipcios. Protección y magia en el Más Allá Pulse para ampliar