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Showcase ZERO. Manuel de Góngora and Romantic Archaeology

18 January–3 April 2022

Temporary exhibitions

Vitrina CERO

SHOWCASE ZERO, inaugurated in October 2017, is a space dedicated to displaying unique pieces and themes that complement and enrich the MAN’s permanent exhibition. These may be new acquisitions, commemorative exhibits, guest works or any other theme related to the museum’s collections and contents. The contents of this brand-new space are modified quarterly, offering all our visitors a chance to see something new every time.

Lista de reproducción

Two hundred years have passed since this father of Spanish archaeology was born. We have him to thank for one of the most astonishing collections of Neolithic archaeological artefacts ever found in our country: the textiles from the Cave of Los Murciélagos in Albuñol, Granada.

But Manuel de Góngora’s legacy includes more than that remarkable site. Four groups of materials that represent his research into Andalusian prehistory offer a closer look at this pioneer who lived through the rocky beginnings of archaeology.

Prehistory Department

Manuel de Góngora y la arqueología romántica Pulse para ampliar