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Aula virtual

The Virtual Classroom is an educational multi-platform aimed at teachers and schoolchildren, designed to provide access to the Museum's collections as learning tools within the school curriculum.

It offers two main options:

  • Tours designed by the Museum which include information on the pieces in the exhibition and complementary educational materials tailored to each academic level and the school curriculum.

  • Personalised tours: these are created by the teacher, who can select from a large number of objects based on multiple criteria (areas of the museum, academic level, course, subject and keywords)
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Registration and access

In the Educator Area, you will be able to:

  • Download complementary teaching materials for each tour designed by the Museum

  • Create and organise personalised tours for your students
Aula Virtual


Project concept and curation: Mª Jesús Rubio

Curricular adaptation and curation: Sara Octavio

Texts: Gema Foldessy; Nuria Gallego; Begoña Gugel; Daniel Martínez; Miriam Mosquera; Alejandro Villa; Francisco Juez; Javier Ibarra.


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