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Medieval Antiquities

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The Medieval Antiquities Department carries out internal study and research programmes related to the collections ranging from the third to the 15th centuries and interprets them in their historical and socio-cultural context. These collections are particularly important for studying medieval civilisation.

Open to collaboration with other institutions dedicated to the study of the Middle Ages, the department carries out its own research projects and disseminates the results in publications aimed at the scientific community.

It has also created the scientific discourse for the exhibition corresponding to the historical period of the medieval antiquities, with a special focus on scientific innovations (Palaeo-Christian, Visigothic, Islamic, Pre-Romanesque, Romanesque, Gothic, Mudejar, particularly in the Iberian Peninsula).

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Beatriz Campderá GutiérrezSalto de línea Chief CuratorSalto de línea

Solène de Pablos HamonSalto de línea CuratorSalto de línea

Helena Lahoz KopiskeSalto de línea CuratorSalto de línea

Paula Pagés AlonsoSalto de línea Museum technicianSalto de línea