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Early Modern Era

Modern Era

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The Early Modern Era Department has created the scientific discourse for the installation in the permanent exhibition galleries dedicated to this area.

It regularly researches and catalogues the collections it keeps with a view to learning more about the contexts in which the artefacts were produced, used and preserved. The department’s functions included participating in multidisciplinary research projects, assisting researchers, loaning artefacts for temporary exhibitions and proposing the acquisition of cultural assets to enrich and complete the Early Modern Era collections. The results of its research and cataloguing work are disseminated in scientific publications and on the CER.ES Online Collections portal.Salto de línea

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María de los Ángeles Granados OrtegaSalto de línea Chief curatorSalto de línea

Juan María Cruz YábarSalto de línea CuratorSalto de línea

Carmen Pérez-Seoane MazuchelliSalto de línea Museum technicianSalto de línea carmen.perezseoane@cultura.gob.esSalto de línea