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Marina Chinchilla Gómez


Marina Chinchilla Gómez

Director from 24 June 1999 to 14 June 2000

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Marina Chinchilla graduated from the Autonomous University of Madrid in 1984 with a degree in Prehistory and Archaeology. In 1989 she passed the exams and was admitted to the Specialist Corps of Museum Curators. Her career in the civil service began in 1990 at the Deputy Directorate of State Museums of the Ministry of Culture, where she served as secretary of the Committee for Documentary Standardisation in Museums, among other duties. In 1995 she was appointed Section Chief of Museum Assets for the Deputy Directorate-General of State Museums, and in 1996 she became Deputy Director of Fine Arts Promotion, where she remained until she was named director of the National Archaeological Museum on 23 June 1999 (where she had been temporarily posted since 15 April of that year).Salto de línea During her time in the director's chair, she launched several ambitious projects and introduced a two-pronged working plan: on the one hand, this plan addressed the urgent need to remedy problems detected within the institution, and on the other it called for a complete overhaul of the museum in the medium and long term. She supervised the first phase of architectural modifications to the building, which involved works in the low-ceilinged area, the installation of a new permanent exhibition in the Early Modern Era galleries, the renewal of the collaboration agreement with the Spanish National Research Council, and the launch of new scientific and promotional activities such as "Guest Pieces" and "Restored Pieces". Salto de línea Ms. Chinchilla left the National Archaeological Museum when she was named Deputy Director-General of Fine Arts and Cultural Assets for the Ministry of Culture. She held this post until January 2007, when she joined the staff of the Prado Museum where she is currently the General Administration Coordinator.