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Alfonso Moure


José Alfonso Moure Romanillo

Director from 28 January 1987 to 30 September 1988

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Salto de línea After earning a PhD in History from the Complutense University, he was awarded the Prehistory chair at the University of Valladolid in 1981, and in 1983 he took up the same post at the University of Cantabria. His professional activity is centred on studying Upper Palaeolithic ways of life and rock art, in addition to leading numerous archaeological digs at Tito Bustillo (Ribadesella, Asturias), La Fuente del Salín (Val de San Vicente, Cantabria) and La Ermita (Hortigüela, Burgos), among other sites. Salto de línea In the course of his teaching and research career, he has held various posts at the University of Cantabria, including dean and vice-president. He has also collaborated with the Spanish National Research Council and the Institute of Human Pathology in Paris, and he is a corresponding fellow of the German Archaeological Institute.Salto de línea In addition, he has served on various advisory committees and boards: Board of Trustees of the Altamira National Museum and Research Centre, Spanish Historical Heritage Asset Classification, Evaluation and Export Board, Spanish Rock Art Council, Spanish Council of Museums and Technical Commission for Archaeological Heritage, and Rock Art of Cantabria.Salto de línea During his brief term as director of the MAN, life at the museum went on as usual. Staff professionals and guest experts continued to give courses and lectures, and the museum maintained its educational and awareness-raising activities with the involvement of schools and groups of visitors.Salto de línea Exhibitions held at the museum and other venues were also an important part of the institution's activity. For example, pieces from the museum were included in an exhibition on the Dawn of Art in the Heart of Europe in Munich and Tübingen, and the MAN hosted several shows, including one dedicated to the cultural assets acquired for the museum between 1983 and 1987.