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Carmen Pérez Die


María del Carmen Pérez Die

Director from 18 February 1991 to 20 November 1997

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After earning a PhD in Ancient History from the Complutense University of Madrid, in 1980 Dr. Pérez became chief curator of the Department of Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities at the National Archaeological Museum. By the time she became the museum's director, she had already acquired a solid background in Egyptology in Cairo and Paris and had been leading the excavations at Herakelopolis Magna since 1984.Salto de línea In the course of her career and research activities, she has built up an impressive curriculum vitae that includes over 100 publications on Egyptology and museology, lectures at museums, universities and specialised centres, and papers delivered at the 1st-9th International Congresses of Egyptologists and at the Iberian Congresses of Egyptology. She has also curated a number of exhibitions related to Egypt, Sudan and the Near East and has directed the R.A.M.A. and Champollion projects.Salto de línea She has served and still serves on a number of committees and associations, such as the International Committee for Egyptology, of which she was a board member from 2007 to 2013), the Spanish Association of Egyptology (chairwoman until 1989) and the Spanish Committee to Save Tyre, which she chaired from 1992 to 1995.Salto de línea She has earned numerous distinctions in the course of her lengthy career, including the National Award of the Spanish Geographic Society (2009), the star of Numerary Commander in the Order of Queen Isabella the Catholic bestowed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2009), the Gold Medal from Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities (2010), and the honour of sitting on the jury of the Prince of Asturias Awards in the Social Sciences category (2011-2014).Salto de línea At the end of her term as director of the MAN in 1997, she resumed her duties as head of the Department of Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities util 2020.