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Rubí Sanz Gamo


Rubí Sanz Gamo

Director from 1 December 2004 to 6 September 2010

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With a BA in Art History from the Complutense University of Madrid (1974) and a PhD in History from the University of Alicante (1996), Rubi Sanz joined the Specialist Corps of Museum Curators in 1986. Salto de línea She directed the Museum of Albacete from 1983 to 2004 and was the Regional Minister of Culture of Castile-La Mancha in 1999-2000.Salto de línea She has served on PhD thesis panels and examining committees for the Specialist Corps of Museum Curators and participated in numerous scientific conferences, lecture series and seminars on archaeology and cultural heritage.Salto de línea She is a corresponding fellow of the German Archaeological Institute, the Royal Academy of History and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, and a founding member of the Albacete Scholarship Institute. Salto de línea During her years at the helm of the museum, she oversaw the beginning of the latest remodelling works and the design and drafting of a new museology plan and museographic project. Remodelling works commenced in 2008, but the museum remained open to the public with a temporary exhibition entitled Treasures from the National Archaeological Museum, which closed on 25 July 2011.Salto de línea Even though parts of the museum were closed, the MAN remained active by orchestrating travelling exhibitions featuring pieces from its collections, such as Spain, Crossroads of Civilisations: The National Archaeological Museum Collections, organised with SEACEX (2008-2009); Egypt, Nubia and the Near East: The National Archaeological Museum Collections; Faces of Rome: Roman Portraits from the National Archaeological Museum; and Patronage and Power in 16th-century Spain: The National Archaeological Museum Collections.Salto de línea At the end of her time at the MAN, she resumed her former position as director of the Museum of Albacete, which had closed in 2007 and reopened in 2011.