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Awards and distinctions

The National Archaeological Museum is grateful for the acknowledgements it has received from various institutions and companies since reopening in 2014, adding to the list of distinctions garnered since the museum’s founding.

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Asociación de Mujeres en las Artes Visuales (MAV)

Gota MAV concedida por la labor y compromiso a favor de la igualdad, la paridad y la diversidad


Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Reconocimiento a Entidades Colaboradoras con los Programa de Prácticas UCM 2022

Samsung Dev Spain


Samsung Dev Spain

2020 Top Developer Award for best cultural content app granted to the MAN Virtual Classroom for schoolchildren.

Medalla de la Asociación Española de Amigos de la Arqueología Pulse para ampliar


Medal of the Spanish Association of Friends of Archaeology

Awarded by the Spanish Association of Friends of Archaeology on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

Premio a la Promoción y Difusión de los Estudios Clásicos Pulse para ampliar


Prize for the Promotion and Dissemination of Classical Studies

Presented at the 17th edition of these prizes awarded by the Spanish Society of Classical Studies (SEEC).

Premio Institución Pública Pulse para ampliar


Public Institution Award

Presented at the 11th edition of these awards granted by the Spanish Association of Periodical Publishers (AEEPP).

30 años de una España global Pulse para ampliar


Tribute to Spain's most international representatives in

“30 años de una España global”

Presented by the daily Expansión on the occasion of its 30th anniversary.

Mejores iniciativas empresariales en la Comunidad de Madrid 2015 Pulse para ampliar


Award for Best Public Initiative

2015 Best Business Initiatives in the Region of Madrid

Presented by Actualidad Económica magazine

IX Bienal de Restauración y Gestión de Patrimonio Pulse para ampliar


International AR&PA Award

9th Biennial of Heritage Restoration and Management

Best Cultural Heritage Intervention Award for the renovation of the National Archaeological Museum

50 Concurso de Nacimientos Pulse para ampliar


Diploma for the nativity scene that the museum entered in the

50th Nativity Scene Contest

Awarded by the Madrid Nativity Scene Makers Association

Exposición de Objetos Arqueológicos de la República China Pulse para ampliar


Exhibition of Archaeological Artefacts from the Republic of China


In December 1970, the Directorate-General of Fine Arts organised Arte y Cultura China as part of a series of exhibitions, with the collaboration of the Chinese Embassy in Spain and the National Archaeological Museum, which hosted the show.

II Exposición Nacional de Numismática e Internacional de Medallas Pulse para ampliar


2nd National Numismatic and International Medals Exhibition

Madrid, 18 November–2 December


On the occasion of this exhibition, organised in connection with the 4th Congress of the International Art Medal Federation (FIDEM), a newsletter was published to report on the show, two competitions were held (one artistic and another literary), and a commemorative diploma was presented.

Exposición Internacional de Arte Antiguo en Bruselas Pulse para ampliar


Brussels World’s Fair, Ancient Art Exhibition

Brussels, 27 April–6 November


The National Archaeological Museum contributed two Belgian-made astrolabes to this exhibition: one dedicated to Philip II (Leuven, 1566) and another signed by Fernando Arsenio (Antwerp, 1618). Thirty countries participated in the show, which received more than 20 million visitors.

Exposición Hispano Marroquí Pulse para ampliar


Hispano-Moroccan Exhibition

Crystal Palace, Buen Retiro Park, Madrid, 1–15 October


Organised on the occasion of the 1st International Moroccan Conference, this exhibition aimed to promote mutual understanding between the two countries. The Melilla Association of Colonial Studies asked the Spanish Ministry of Public Education to include several Moroccan pieces held at the National Archaeological Museum in the show.

Exposición Histórico Europea Pulse para ampliar


Historical European Exhibition

Palace of the National Library and Museums, Madrid, 11 November 1892–30 June 1893


Exhibition catalogue

This event and the Historical American Exhibition were held to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America, offering a complete overview of the cultural and historical situation of the Americas and Europe, especially Spain, from 1492 to the mid-16th century. Inaugurated by the queen regent of Spain and the king and queen of Portugal, the exhibition was such a success that it closure was postponed twice.

Exposición Internacional Colonial y de Exportación General Pulse para ampliar


International Colonial and Export Exhibition

Amsterdam, May–October 1883


The idea for this event came from the entrepreneur Édouard Agostini, who had previously worked on the 1878 Exposition Universelle in Paris. The location chosen for the exhibition was an unused area of land behind the Rijksmuseum. On 18 April 1883, the MAN received a request from the Ministry of Public Works, asking it to make a selection of objects from Spain’s overseas possessions that would be suitable for including in the show based on their artistic merits. Twenty-eight countries participated in the exhibition, which received over a million visitors.

Exposición Nacional de Minería, Artes Metalúrgicas, Cerámica, Cristalería y Aguas Minerales Pulse para ampliar


National Exhibition of Mining, Metal Arts, Pottery, Glasswork and Mineral Waters

Buen Retiro Park, Madrid, May–November 1883


The idea for this exhibition was put forward in 1880 by José Luis Albareda, Minister of Public Works. It occupied more than 9,000 square metres and had six participating countries: Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Sweden and Norway. All the buildings erected for the event were demolished when it ended, except the Palace of Velázquez.

Exposición del Centenario de los Estados Unidos de América Pulse para ampliar


United States Centennial Exhibition

Philadelphia, 10 May–10 November 1876


This was the first world’s fair organised in the United States. It was held in Fairmount Park, along the Schuylkill River, on fairgrounds designed by H. Schwarzmann. It was an exhibition of industry, machinery, agriculture, photography and fine arts. Thirty-five countries participated in the fair, which received more than 10 million visitors.

Exposición Internacional de Viena Pulse para ampliar


Vienna World's Fair

Vienna, May–October 1873


The exhibition’s theme was “Culture and Education”. On 19 April 1872, the Spanish government formed a committee chaired by Marcelino Bautista to collect items from private citizens, museums and institutions for the show. Thirty-five countries participated in the fair, which was visited by over seven million people.