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Cultural Volunteers

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The cultural volunteer programme allows individuals to support public access to culture by freely and altruistically contributing their time to assist in the organisation of the museum’s educational and cultural activities.

The museum is responsible for providing cultural volunteers with appropriate training for the activities they undertake, thus contributing to their intellectual, emotional and social enrichment.

In accordance with the legal framework for the volunteer programme, these activities are governed by collaboration agreements with non-profit associations and organisations rather than on an individual basis.

One of the associations that collaborates most actively with the museum is the Confederación Española de Aulas de la Tercera Edad, the cultural NGO behind the “Elderly Cultural Volunteers for Showing the Museums of Spain to Children, Young People and Senior Citizens” programme.

Contact telephone: 91 578 02 03

Volunteer Work Law

Teléfono de contacto: 91 577 79 12 Ext.273590

Ley del Voluntariado PDF