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Multimedia Guides

La guía multimedia es un dispositivo que mejora las prestaciones de las tradicionales audioguías, transmitiendo la información sobre la exposición en diversos formatos -texto, imagen, vídeo y audio-.

Multimedia Guide Rental

The MAN multimedia guide offers a general tour of the museum with information in Spanish, English, French and Spanish Sign Language, as well as a special itinerary for people with visual impairments. The guide includes subtitled audio, images and videos.

The rental fee of €2 must be paid at the ticket office near the entrance.The guides are free for people with visual or hearing disability.

The devices themselves are picked up and returned at the shop.

Progressive Web Application (PWA) of the Media Guide

We are offering you more ways to enjoy your visit to the National Archaeological Museum with a free digital solution that you can access on your own mobile device by scanning the available QR code.

You can also find it at Nueva ventana in your usual mobile browser.

More than 350 pieces of content are waiting at your fingertips on your mobile phone; you don't even need to download an app!

Headphones must be worn inside the museum.

Web version of the MAN Multimedia Guide

Here, you can access our full multimedia guide to the museum.

It includes texts, audio clips and videos in sign language.